Monday, September 26, 2011

A trash can full of egg shells

Tonight, while cooking, I decided that a trash can full of egg shells is a good indicator that a Jewish holiday is rounding the corner.  Tonight has been about studying peds, finishing abstract proposals, and sorting emails.  It also involved as making 3 apple cakes & 2 butternut squash kuggles.  I'm a bit overwhelmed at how full my calendar is for the next few weeks.  I'm also suddenly struck with the realization that my pediatric rotation is over halfway done and the shelf exam will be here SOON.  I have no doubt that my performance on this shelf exam will directly correlate to whether I simply pass the clerkship or I surpass it with a high pass or honors.  However, with the sweet smell of the new year coming from the oven and cooling on the counter tops, I'm feeling much more ready to celebrate the chagim.

l'shana tova umetukah!

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