Tuesday, September 6, 2011

5th Annual Women Leaders in Medicine Awards and Reception

(taken from http://www.amsa.org/AMSA/Homepage/Events/Convention/WLIM.aspx, which is also where the application can be found.)

The submission deadline for nominations is Sept. 9, 2011 at 11:59 pm ET

Thank you for your interest!

The Women Leaders in Medicine awards were created by AMSA in 2007 to recognize women physicians and educators who serve as role models, teachers, highly accomplished professionals, and sources of inspiration for women and men who are currently in their medical training. These women deserve recognition for their accomplishments and dedication to fostering tomorrow’s women leaders in medicine.

We are currently accepting nominations for this year's WLIM awards. Medical and premedical students are encouraged to fill out our simple online form and tell us about an inspiring woman who has influenced the student's medical career.

Between four and six women are selected and invited to attend the AMSA National Convention in March to receive their award at a special reception. Many of our past awardees have considered their Women Leaders in Medicine award a truly meaningful honor because it comes directly from the voices of students. At AMSA, we hope to give back some recognition to these amazing women in addition to generating awareness about the importance of fostering leadership in medicine that promotes healthy change and equality in care and professional opportunity for women and men.

This year will be an extra special reception as we celebrate the fifth year of this inspiring event. We hope you will join us at AMSA's Annual Convention for the Annual Women Leaders in Medicine reception as we announce this year’s recipients!

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