Thursday, September 8, 2011

3 questions

Today we had a lecture on MD compensation and productivity.  A very wise man, who is the business brains behind one very large local physician group, posed 3 questions to us.  He explained that he posses these same questions to doctors finishing residency and those early in their career.  If they can follow a path inline with their answers, he believes all else will fall into place.  I personally think these questions are good for anyone regardless of your professional track, so please feel free to answer in the comments section!

1) What are you good at?
2) What do you enjoy doing?
3) What do you feel called to do?

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MacKenzie said...

First of all - Miss you lady! Secondly - great questions!

1. I am good at listening
2. I enjoy listening because I am honestly curious and interested in people's experiences.
3. I am called to be a therapist because somebody listened to me - and it made me realize how many people don't feel heard. I can hear them.