Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pretty colors highlight sad truth.

 Taken from

A very colorful, yet very humbling, chart was created by to provide visual imagery to the increase in abortion legislation.  Go to the website.  It has a lot of really good data on there about what bills have passed in which states, how many providers exist where, and more.  I find it so devastating to know that women's bodies are being this heavily regulated and that access to safe care is becoming exponentially harder to access right before our eyes.  I will NOT sit quietly and watch as women have to revert to coat hangers & back-alley butchers while conservative white men* get their way, forcing their morals on the rest of us and then leaving us to bear the brunt.  Abortions shouldn't have to be a common event but they do have to be safe, accessible, de-stigmatized, and offered without undo burden to all women.

* Yes, I am stereotyping.  But having sat in some of my local house of representative legislation sessions about when to define the start of life, I have seen that there is some truth behind the stereotype. 

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