Monday, April 14, 2014


5 years ago, right before I started med school, was the first time I really counted the omer.  Most other years I hadn't been able to make it past day 3 or 4.  And by counting the omer I mean that successfully managed to count until the last week or so when I purposely gave up because it was making me increasingly anxious.  Beyond anxious even. As I was counting up, I was simultaneously counting down to my departure from [the place that I most consider to be] home.  I moved out of that place the day after shavout to begin my medical school journey.  The process of counting grew too overwhelming and so I made the decision to give it up.

This year, with Passover scheduled to begin super soon, I am growing increasingly excited about counting the omer.  Between sundown tonight and shavout I will turn 30, graduate medical school, move out of the place where I went to medical school, figure out where I am living in a new city, [potential even put an offer down to buy a place], and begin the transition to the place of my residency.  I will sign my first real contract and submit forms for my medical license.  By doing these adult-ish things, maybe I'll actually begin to feel like I'm 30.  I will also visit the above mentioned home, my biological home, the place where I did my research year, the place of my med school, & the place I will do residency.  I will spend some time camping in the woods, take a road trip with the person I adore, and celebrate an exciting life event with my cousins.   Plus, who knows what adventures are in store?

I'm pretty excited about counting this omer, indeed.