Monday, September 12, 2011

Peds: day 15

I really like peds neuro.  Or at least, I really enjoyed my experience at the pediatric neurology clinic today.  It is totally humbling to realize how horribly wrong things can go (genetically, congenitally, maliciously and due to accidents) and involves a lot of guts to practice the unknown and unpredictable.  In one day I volleyed between heartbroken and optimistic, hitting on most emotions in between.    I watched one child have an infantile spasm, reassured a mother that her son could play football and could challenge the stigma of his diagnosis, and so much more.

I could imagine becoming a pediatric neurologist.  However, there is a distinct lack of a clear pathway to peds neuro.  It isn't like adolescents or peds cardio or something where you do a general pediatric residency and then do a specialty fellowship.  It isn't like peds surgery where you do a general surgery residency and then a pediatric fellowship.  Also, it isn't like peds psych which has the option of triple boarding, allowing for a single residency match. 

Heck, does anyone have a clear answer on how to become a pediatric neurologist with the least amount of relocating [of location/institution] possible?

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