Sunday, January 9, 2011

The revolution will not be televised

I'm beyond frustrated with politics in our country. While we are a very diverse country with very diverse views/morals/ethics, violence is NEVER the answer. Hopefully we can all agree on this. Hopefully we can use the tragedy that happened yesterday as a spring-board for anti-violence campaigns. Rather than simply saying "it's a pity" and then returning to our normally scheduled lives, let us not stand idly by in the face of the unacceptable. Let us teach our children about the power of hate and evil speak, and then through our own actions we can teach them that they too have the power to stand up against this type of behavior.

What I'm currently fixated on though is the House's desire to repeal the health care reform bill. How is this productive? Effective? Are we seriously going to waste time tying up the legislator with silly political games instead of getting shit done? Oh, and waste tax payer's money in the process too. It is not like the repeal will get by the Senate, or even if it does, that Obama will approve it. Fine, I admit, I'm a STRONG believer in health care reform. I DO believe that health care is a right (not a privilege) and that our pre-reform system of health care was on a crash course towards crashing. Not only was it doomed to eventually fail, it was accelerating on it's trajectory in the process. Way too much of our GDP was going towards health care and the money being spent did not reflect the quality of care being offered. Why do we spend far more than any other developed country and yet have some of the worse health care available? So yes, I will not deny that I am biased and I am pro-health care reform.

In short, I'm angry. I want to know what I, as a medical student and as a concerned citizen of The United States of America, can do to take a stand? How can I do my part to make people realize how important health care reform really is? What kind of national movement can I, along with other concerned citizens, start to ensure that our voices are collectively heard? That we want politicians to stop playing childish games and start actually fixing the problem!

Earlier this year Dan Savage had an idea to take a stand. Out of his inspiration the "It Gets Better Project" was born. Why can't we do the same? Why can't we create a national movement to support health care reform? Any ideas on how we can start our own grassroots movement would be greatly appreciated. If someone else out there is bouncing around some idea in your head about how to do this, stop thinking and start doing! If you do, I promise to be standing proudly beside you!

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