Sunday, January 30, 2011

Growing pains

My heart hurts a lot after a really wonderful, yet intense, weekend. A friend came to visit, which allowed for fun times in the city I don't normally make time to enjoy. There was adventure and laughter. There was a lot of conversing too. I feel a little bit like I've been broken into hundreds of tiny pieces. She challenged me on a lot of my personal self views. She also forced me to think critically about what I want from the next few years of my life and how I might want to prioritize my experiences. I just dropped her off at the airport, and cried the whole way home.

As disheartening and frustrating as these conversations are, I recognize it as a golden opportunity for personal growth. In order to be the leader that I hope to become, I need to learn how to take criticism. This opportunity for reflection is a rare jewel which should be embraced. Just as long bones hurt when they are stretched too fast, no significant personal growth can happen without a bit of struggle.

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