Tuesday, January 4, 2011

define "Queer*", in haiku

A friend called me yesterday to ask if I knew of a straight forward definition for the word "queer". While both of us have a working understanding of the word, have studied some queer theory, and often use the term colloquially, she was in need of a short written explanation that could be used as part of an assignment. Google was disappointingly helpless. Searching "what is queer?" led to many a political commentary, in depth article on queer theory, or sarcastic rambling. While she finally found an article to use, I still felt that the void merited a blog post. Without further ado, here are my attempts to define queer in haiku:

please sir, define queer
seems like a strange word to choose
for self-expression

not a gay uncle
nor a boxed stereotype
I am a queer youth

part of a movement
located on a spectrum

no definition
not heternormative
Kinsey scale for me

queer encompasses
gender, sex, and politics
beyond expression

reclaiming the word
creating some momentum
less isolating

Please feel free to add your definition!

*Having developed my identity in a very liberal community, queer is the term I use to self identity and therefore what I tend to use interchangeably with LGBTQ in conversation/in my writing/on this blog. I recognize that it may make people from different backgrounds uncomfortable, and want to make it clear that this is not my intention. I see it to be the most inclusive term of identification for those of us that fall at various points on the sexuality and gender identity spectrums.

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