Monday, January 17, 2011

Passing of the tourch

Since coming back from winter break, we second years have been working hard to hand off our extra curricular responsibilities to the first year medical students. The theory is that by starting so early we are allowing for a bit of transition before we fully disappear into step 1/clinical rotation land. The reality is that most of us just want to play a game of "ding dong ditch" with some of these things. Yes, they are causes that I'm passionate about, and leadership roles that I really appreciated having this year; but my current priorities have shifted to 1) staying sane, 2) doing well on step 1, 3) staying sane. Staying sane, which involves eating health, sleep, exercise, and a bit of socializing, doesn't leave much time for running 2 student groups, doing research, and involvement with major amounts of grassroots organizing.

The problem is finding first years who are idealistic and naive enough to take on these responsibilities. Just as we are trying to hand them off, their work load has increased... scaring them out of taking on too much. Last year, I hated hearing my class referred to as "slackers" for not wanting to take on leadership roles. So I am trying my hardest not to be frustrated with the current first year class for their lack of eagerness to take over all of these wonderful opportunities. I do get it. But PLEASE, take my positions! I want to be done with them already! I want to disappear to step 1 land foot-loose and fancy-free!

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