Monday, January 10, 2011

April 14, 2011, er wait, now April 18, 2011

After much heming-and-hawing and instinctively feeling uneasy about my STEP 1 date, I just gave in and rescheduled. Rescheduling is majorly (MAJORLY) not recommended; I am confident that this was the right decision for me. Plus I only pushed it back 4 days. Just enough time to have a few "catch-up" days scheduled in, which my original schedule didn't allow for. I was also able to get a seat at a better testing site! One closer to my parent's house that starts earlier in the morning, 7am instead of 8:30am, which will allow me to be home with my family for seder! Score! Sometimes you just have to go with your gut over everyone's advice...

And on the theme of going with your gut over everyone's advice, I have decided to move to the capital city for my clinical years. The academic set up and ability for leadership training was totally made for my learning style and my interests. Basically, the liberal arts alternative to medical school! I'm not looking forward to moving (who likes packing?) but am totally at peace with the decision. I've been getting pretty excellent responses when I tell people that I'm moving. So far, the best is: "I recommend only moving there until residency and not for residency, as that would ruin your grand plan of finding someone smart to date. As much as raising hell in [capitol city] is tempting, it turns out that pro-choice hell can be raised anywhere!"

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