Monday, December 6, 2010

Where is the line?

I've been thinking and talking a lot about abortion today. Day dreaming about women's reproductive health isn't totally uncommon for me, but because of the Med Students for Choice national conference I was at this weekend, it is especially on my mind. The conference was such a high. A total reminder of why I was drawn to medicine in the first place, what I hope to accomplish in my career, and that there is a world of like minded peers out there (even if I am separated from the majority of them by the Mason-Dixon line).

I have so much I want to tell you about the conference. I took notes during the workshops which include many ideas for blog posts scribbled in the margins. These posts will (hopefully) come in due time. Once I have finished processing, caught up on sleep, and no longer feel like I am drowning in renal pathology. Okay, okay, maybe I wont wait that long; but I am not yet ready to post about it all tonight.

In the meantime, I received a gchat message from a classmate today. A classmate that is very much a friend. This was the message: "
that's an interesting website i found in my research. thought you might want to take a look. "

I can't tell what his intentions were for sharing with this me. Was this in response to my attending the conference? Or did he really just want to bring it to my attention that such websites exist? I am (pretty) sure he didn't mean it to be threatening or an intervention, but regardless of the intentions, it still stung a little. This is someone who I deeply respect, conservative views and all. We dialogue about our opinions, we agree to disagree, and we normally are very respectful of the other's perspective and ideology when interacting. However, intentional or subconscious, I feel that this crosses a line. This plays into my fears about the path that I am on. Regardless of my fear of overt or subtle harassment, I WILL NOT stop being an advocate for abortion and I WILL continue on my path to becoming a provider.

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