Wednesday, December 22, 2010

MIA (aka: winter break!)

I've been frolicking around the snowy northeast for the past few days. Mostly catching up with friends, but also visiting BREAKTHROUGH: THE DRAMATIC STORY OF THE DISCOVERY OF INSULIN exhibit in New York City (if you're in the city, go! even knowing the story before hand, all the documents and relics they have makes it pretty cool), and meeting with my PI from this summer to discuss my research. We also discussed how I should spend the next two years of medical school, as I received my official acceptance for the smaller program in the state capital yesterday. His two cents, to which I agree, is that I should go. 3rd year is about throwing yourself into the medicine and experiencing all that you can. He strongly suggests I go to the place that will give me the most experience and will also encourage the advocacy work that I'm drawn to. He also talked to me about the taking a year off for research, about choosing 4th year electives, and about residency applications. I'm so lucky to have such a grounded mentor.

With that, tomorrow I leave for the UK. This is assuming that the airport does not fall victim to awful weather yet again and that my flight actually takes off (and lands). I'm going to spend the rest of break NOT thinking about medicine. Not thinking about the impending move . Not thinking about Step 1. Not thinking about all the research I'm involved in. Instead, hanging out with lots of Jews, many of which will have cute accents! Okay, so maybe, that is a bit of a lie. I am bringing some work to do and study material with me. But I refuse to beat myself up if I don't get much, or any, of it done. See you on the flip side! Happy holidays ya'll!

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