Thursday, December 2, 2010

forced cultural competency

This post is a place holder. In our "fluffy" class (the class that every school has to teach med students how to "doctor", though these courses never share the same name), we broke into small groups for cultural competency standardized patients. My group went this afternoon. The activity was poorly planned. Actually, it was even worse than that. That said, it was by far one of the more powerful experiences I have had thus far in med school. It is an experience I hope to carry with me throughout my training and future career. More then ever I feel strongly that my duty and responsibility is to my future patient(s), who I must not judge or underestimate, yet I also need to remain true to my own values and experience. The feedback I received from today included: "You are golden", "make sure you don't change", and "don't let the institution of medicine ruin you". It is the most proud of myself I have been in a long time, and yet, I nearly threw a few temper tantrums (and punches) during the exercise.

That said, until the last group goes next week, I can not openly write about the experience. I can't give too much away to my classmates who haven't yet done it (though I doubt they read my blog). Plus/more importantly, I really need to be reading for class tomorrow morning.

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