Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A week in the life of a MS4, edition 2 (August 19 - 25)

Yesterday: Rough.  Very rough.  Lots of tears from patients and nearly some from me too.  Got feedback on how I've been doing on the rotation.  Mostly good, some not so good.  Ate a bowl of cereal for dinner as there was no energy for anything else.

Today: So much better.  Got to scrub into a pretty wonky [and awesome] c-section.  Tripped on my own shoes when walking around the table to put in closing stitches.  Broke scrub when the nurse [who I adore] reached up to catch me.  Thankfully the atending had already left the room and the residents still let me close once I was re-gowned and gloved.  Got lots of complements in clinic.  Intuited a much needed hug from a staff member who seemed very appreciative when I asked if she wanted one.  Small achievements make me feel like a rock star!  Pretty sure this sub-i is inducing some type of manic/depression emotional roller coaster.... oh well.

Tomorrow: Responsible for 2 presentations.  1 is a formal hour long thing for the whole maternal fetal medicine department, the other is a quick 5 minute topic on patient care that I will likely filibuster.  I'm sitting here writing this blog post instead of prepping for either.  Or sleeping.  Oh, sleep!

Day after tomorrow: When is that? Yep.  I can't think that far ahead.  Let's just get through tomorrow first, and hope it is more reflective of today than yesterday. 

After what may seem like kavetching, I need to reaffirm though that I am LOVING every minute of this.  High intensity, high volume, patient centric chaos is my drug of choice  I feel so lucky to get to do this each and every day! 

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