Sunday, August 18, 2013

Friday of firsts

Friday afternoon was full of firsts.  I got to wear the intern pager and triage all pages, which remained exciting for exactly 2 pages before it began to feel cumbersome and slightly annoying.  Then, suddenly, all the residents had to step off the floor, some to a c-section and others to an event upstairs.  My chief left me in charge!  Me!  For what felt like days (likely somewhere between 30 minutes and an hour) I watched tracings of actively laboring pts, freaked out over a minor decel, assessed a pt who showed up to triage, returned pages, and didn't kill anyone!  I think I proved myself capable.  The fact that they trusted to leave me in the first place, I think shows that they trust me.  Feeling much better than last week though concerned what a new herd of residents will bring in tomorrow.

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