Monday, August 19, 2013

I should carry Kleenex in my white coat

3 patients cried on my shoulder today.  All for very good reason.  All I could do was listen, hold their hand, look at them in the eye, confirm that it all just sucks and unfortunately no there is no answer for why, and offer Kleenex.  There were a few points where I almost started crying right along with them.  A shitty, rough, complicated day indeed.  A day that requires a long bike ride or a glass of wine - neither of which I had energy for after 14 hours of running around the hospital and knowing that I have to do in again in less than 8 hours.  You know what though?  I love my job.

It weighs heavy on me, maybe too heavy, but I am so glad that at least I can be there to offer a Kleenex. 


EmFish said...

I'm pretty proud of you. You're doing it.

Molly said...

When they come out of this lousy experience they're having, they'll always remember the kind doctor who let them cry on her shoulder. My favorite doctors are the ones who make me feel like they have time for me when I know damn well that they don't.