Sunday, September 15, 2013

Another 4th year milestone

I certified and submitted my ERAS application today to an obscene number of programs.  Somehow, miraculously, my personal statement was completed and all my letters of recommendation were uploaded in time.  After all the dramatic buildup, it felt hugely anticlimactic.  

Now I get to sit by the [smart] phone and anxiously await [interview] dates. Here is to hoping that the next few months are filled with many plane flights, cross country journeys, meeting many new people, and seeing old friends along the way! 

In the meantime, tomorrow I'm reestablishing care with a therapist.  I know that I'm going to need good support in place to get through the guaranteed uncertainty of the coming months. It was strange to realize in shul yesterday that I have no earthly idea whatsoever where I will be next year for the chagim. I'm trying to embrace all the possibilities and am optimistic that the therapist will bring some useful tools too.  And the adventure continues...

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