Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Busy week

-Last weekend I was away at a national conference.  While it was amazing and inspiring, being stuck at the airport for 12 hours on the way back due to weather drained the little energy I had left.
-This Friday I'm presenting some of my past research at another conference (that conveniently happens to be just a short drive away).  I'm a bit terrified about this as I've never done this type of platform presentation before! Hopefully they only ask questions I know the answer to.
- The neuro shelf is a week from Friday.  I'm feeling totally unprepared and overwhelmed with studying.
- It's match week!  While this isn't my year to match, it's so exciting to watch all my 4th year friends.  I can't wait to hear where everyone is going!  It's crazy to imagine that this may be me next year.
- In theory, research fellowship responses are to be released this week.  Crossing my fingers that I'm accepted for the one I want.  Either way, I should hopefully know soon if I'm taking next year off or continuing on to 4th year.
-My mom's birthday.  I can not forget to call her!

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