Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Brenner's army

Based off of The New Yorker article that came off this year, PBS put out this documentary on "doctor hotspots".   I propose we start Brenner's army: doing the research to find hotspots in our own cities and towns and implementing programs to change it.  It is about time we drastically change the way health care is accessed and better utilize our finite and precious resources!

Think there is any way that I can arrange a research year under Dr. Brenner next year?


Solitary Diner said...

What a great story. I'll have to come back and reread it when my brain is a bit less fried and I can process it more. A lot of the issues that Dr. Brenner raises are ones that are present in my own city, unfortunately. I'm glad that there are people who are looking at new ways to provide better care to those most in need.

Thanks for the link.

Solitary Diner said...

Oh...and I meant to say, if you are serious about being interested in working with Dr. Brenner, give it a shot. In my first year of medical school, I was interested in getting involved with a student-run clinic, but I didn't pursue it because I didn't think I had the experience for it. A friend of mine ended up dragging me into a job opening, and it turned into a great experience that I was involved with for the first two years of medical school. You never know where things can lead.