Monday, February 21, 2011

Rejoining humanity

This weekend, I played hooky from Step 1 studying and ran away to New York City. I spent shabbat walking around the city bundled up in my winter coat. I let myself get lost in though, in the mobs of people also walking around, and in the colorful storefronts. Saturday night I partook in a scavenger hunt at the Met, and while the point was to have an adventure in culture, the experience was heightened when our team won! Competitive comes naturally when there are multiple medical students on a team together.

The purpose of this weekend getaway was the wedding of two lovely friends. The wedding consumed most of my Sunday and was well worth it! Everything was beautiful, [pre-medical school] friends were copious, and I lost my stress in hours of dancing. It was so good to see so many people that I adore in one place. Surrounded by all of them, I felt normal again. I remembered what it is like to be a totally rational human instead of a crazed 2nd year medical student. The cherry on top was watching the snow fall this morning on my way to the airport. I firmly believe that no east coast winter adventure is complete without snow!

In observant Judaism it is traditional for the bride to give out blessings on her wedding day. The blessing that was given to me yesterday? Besides the traditional blessing for a b'shariet (soul mate), I was also given a blessing to find a medical specialty that suits me and match in the residency of my dreams. This is what happens when the bride is doctor and truly understands my bimodal priorities.

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