Monday, February 7, 2011

career counseling

In the few months leading up to Step 1 (and 3rd year clinical rotations) there are a bunch of hurdles that my medical students makes all 2nd years run through. Besides learning the computer system, getting another TB test, taking an official standardized patient exam, etc., we also have to have a career counseling session. These sessions were billed as "a half an hour opportunity to sit down with a dean". We were sent a long form to fill out and bring to the session with us.

Turns out that the half an hour session about our future was really a nine minute psych consult. A glorified opportunity to make sure that we're not about to jump off the building nor totally oblivious to our quickly approaching destiny. He asked me how I was eating and sleeping, what my study plan is, and how I am feeling about it all. He then continued by giving me advice for 3rd year. His advice? Come in prepared, be nice to everyone, show that you care, don't slack on any of the rotations including the ones you aren't interested in. Do people not know this?! It seems so logical!

In other news, I am feeling totally unmotivated by our current academic block. Turns out that living a life of endocrinology pathology translates to complete study apathy. I really need to tap into my 20+ years of endocrinology experience, and soon.

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