Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Where will I be in August?

Fifty percent of my away rotations (July) have been settled.  August seems to still be up in the air though.  I got a loose offer from one Midwest program and then a formal offer from another.  The latter is where my now ex-girlfriend is on faculty.  I had applied in hopes of being with her, and then in stubbornness of wanting to prove to her that she made a mistake in dumping me, but now am starting to think wiser.  I imagine it will be tricky to do well on an audition rotation while also navigating being in the same space as someone whom I am deeply in love with and want to make a life with, but who doesn't love me back.  Plus, I'm pretty sure she's the only queer Jew in the city that I'd want to date - meaning that even if I LOVE their program - the city doesn't hold much promise for other parts of my life such as, um, dating.  

The first program isn't as strong as the program with my ex, and I'm not as interested in it.  It does come in a city with more queer Jews though.  Also, while the first program sent me an email offering me a space, there has been no formal follow up and they aren't responding to my attempts to gain more information.  I need to give program #2 an answer by Friday. 

I was just informed that a program I was holding out hope for is filled for my first choice for August, and was instead offered Oct, Nov, or Dec - none of which work for me.  I called the coordinator back who has put me on a wait list for another August rotation in ob/gyn at their program, but I wont know about that until at least Monday.  Two other programs I have applications in for wont even begin reviewing them until next week. 

What do I do?!  Anyone have a crystal ball I can borrow? 

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