Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The wheels on the bike go round and round

I did it!  I rode 65 miles on my bicycle over the past 2 days.  Sure, I walked some hills, and swore as I struggled to ride up others, but I still managed to do it!  I gained confidence on the downhills and learned to appreciate the modernity of flat roads through cow pastures.  There was only one small, almost comedic, fall off the bike on the second day when I was way past exhausted.   And you want to know what?  I got up and rode 16 more miles afterwards. 

All and all it was a beautiful weekend and a successful ride.  I challenged myself to do something I never really could have imagine doing before.  I gained confidence on my bicycle.  I embraced being completely cut off from cell service and email for a full 3 days.  I ate copious amounts of delicious food that was very locally produced and cooked with intention, in a room full of Jewish environmentalist.   I led a tisch Friday night that filled my spirits with songs, torah, and blessings.

At one point over shabbat, I realized that I was very much surrounded by the community that I have built over this past year.  This research year really has brought a lot of unexpected joy and connection.  Such a wondrous experience to end a year of personal growth.  I feel so very grateful.  Sore.  And grateful. 

Now, what next big ride should I train for next? 

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