Tuesday, May 8, 2012

[More] pretty colors highlight [more] sad truth.

Similar to my previous post, Pretty colors highlight sad truth, another chart has been created highlighting the dispersion of rights across the United States. 

Image taken from"Gay rights in the US, state by state", Guardian in America interactive team, guardian.co.uk,

This chart is really cool.  The whole article is.  It is interactive, allowing for stratification of rights based on location and specific laws.  It totally brings out the nerd it me. 

Amendment 1 in North Carolina today means that one more state refrains from lighting up.  I certainly hope that, in my lifetime, this whole map fills with bright colors.  I like bright colors.  I also firmly believe that all humans deserve equal rights regardless of who they happen to love.  Yes, being queer does make me bias, but I'm pretty sure I'd feel this way regardless.  Even the [very mainstream / sometimes conservative] American Medical Association (AMA) believes that LGBT rights are essential for optimal health.  Isn't it 2012?

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