Saturday, April 14, 2012

Full circle

Pesach is over.  How did that happen?  I blinked (and cried) and the week flew by.  Clinical duties, studying, break ups, and the rest of life very much got in the way of observing the holiday with true kavaneh this year.  Instead of "next year in Jerusalem", this year I'm saying "next year with more kavenah and ruach."

This weekend I'm presenting at an activist reproductive rights conference. This annual conference is where I got my start.  This is the place where I decided I wanted to be a doctor and an abortion provider and where I learned to be an activist and advocate for the whole complex plethora of women's health issues.  It is somewhat surreal being back here, surrounded by old familiar faces and young bright-eyed budding activists, coming full circle with my roots.  It is also re-energizing.  I'm filling my senses with everything reproductive health related.  Currently I'm fixated on unpacking an amazing workshop I went to this afternoon on "pink boys": how to break down gender binaries in education, how to parent non-conforming children, the importance of media literacy, and so much more.  Hopefully, if I successfully process all that I learned in those 2 hours, I'll be able to post more about. 

In the meantime I'm going to do a few psych questions and then crash for the night.   Life as a medical student: studying trumps all, even when I'm away at a conference, even when I'm reliving my good ol' college days.

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