Tuesday, April 10, 2012

And life marches on

Break-ups suck.
Trying to keep it together, so I don't look all teary like my psych patients, is hard.
Life keeps marching on.
Is this a clue that I'm supposed to give up my dreams of having a family to throw myself into medicine entirely?
On the upside, at least my roommate & friends are amazing.


Erin said...

No clues, no grand statement on your life, other than this chapter is closing so that a new one can begin. Don't be afraid to take off the wonderwoman hat (you have one, no arguments with me) and be human and feel what you need to feel for as long as you need to.

Solitary Diner said...

I agree with Erin that this isn't a clue from the universe, but rather just an unfortunate and sucky thing that you're going through. No one has ever become a better or happier person by throwing him- or herself into medicine entirely at the expense of other important things (like having a family).

Big hugs from up here in Canada.

Sunkist Miss said...

Just one more friend reminding you that this isn't a clue or a sign, just a sad thing that happened. You'll mourn, and eventually more on, but it's not a reason to despair of having a family. Really truly. Hugs.