Thursday, January 26, 2012

Republican Rhetoric

Today a republican member of the US House of Representitives informed me of the reason medicare & social security have failed: birth control pills & abortion.

His rhetoric is that when social security was created the average family was having 4 children.  It was established to account for 4 children in each family growing up & paying into it.  Then along came the evil pill that lowered the amount of children to aprox 2.2.  This means that there are less people to pay into it and therefor has led to the demise.

While there are many issues to be had with this statement, I keep fixating on a specific womens-lib one. Didn't family planning give women the freedom to stop child bearing & rearing and go back to work?  Therefor doubling the work force and negating the problem of half the children?

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Solitary Diner said...

How could there possibly be a problem with an economic system that depends on the population doubling itself every generation.