Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bagpiping- I need to learn ASAP!

Yesterday a group of us 3rd year medical students had an informal dinner Q&A with the 4th years.  Most of the information about 4th year and residency applications is stuff I've already heard.  Plus, I'm currently in limbo about whether I'm taking a research year next year or marching forward with 4th year.  I wont know that until fellowship decisions are sent out in March.  My response to the uncertainty is to just be in denial about having to do any planning for after June. 

The two things I did learn:
1) I may have a very difficult decision to make regarding my future and I may have to make it soon.  ob/gyn vs. urology?!!
2) I need to learn to bagpipe.  The 4th year who matched in urology at his #1 program said that he included a line at the bottom of his CV regarding personal interests/activities not relating to med school.  It was a long the lines of "eagle scout, world traveler, and enjoys bagpiping".   He said that every interview he went on asked about the bagpipe!  I have nothing like that to put down!!!  It seems that I have no interests & no life outside of med school!


Solitary Diner said...

You could always just lie and say that you're learning to play the bagpipe. It's not as if they'll ask you to demonstrate, and I don't imagine anyone will know enough about playing the bagpipe to be able to catch you in the lie.

(Kidding, of course. I don't actually suggest lying to interviewers.)

MacKenzie said...

Knitting! You have knitting!