Sunday, January 22, 2012

Random Stats: OB/GYN version

On my 3 weeks of ob/gyn so far these have been my ratios.  They aren't lining up well with national stats at all...
baby boys to girls: 71.4%
c-sections to vaginal deliveries: 57.1%
episiotomy rate on vaginal deliveries: 66.7%
use of vacuum suction or forceps: 14.3%
inductions at 39 weeks: nearly 100%

I don't know how much this speaks of being in the conservative south or having an older male preceptor?  Or both?

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Solitary Diner said...

Wow. Of the 40 or so deliveries I've attended, I've only seen about 3 C-sections, 1 (maybe 2) episiotomies, and 2 vacuum suctions. And I've never seen an induction for someone at less than 41 weeks unless there was another indication (e.g. preeclampsia). Interesting how much practices can vary between regions.