Monday, November 7, 2011

No on Mississippi Initiative 26 tomorrow

I'm a little afraid to see what tomorrow's election in Mississippi brings.  Why?  Rather than write up my own thoughts directly, I figured I'd compile a sort of meta analysis of what others are saying. 

        "Mississippi Initiative 26, the “personhood” amendment on the November 8th ballot, is not only dangerous for women’s health and lives—it is dangerous for our democracy. While not recognized as such, it is an openly theocratic endeavor. We should be talking about theocracy because this amendment is not just being fielded in Mississippi—it has been introduced in at least six other states, with more to come." -Carlton Veazey ('Personhood’ Agenda is Theocracy)
        "The term “fertilization” — which is sometimes considered synonymous with “conception” — could mean at least four different things: penetration of the egg by a sperm, assembly of the new embryonic genome, successful activation of that genome, and implantation of the embryo in the uterus. The first occurs immediately; the last occurs approximately two weeks after insemination (or, in the case of embryos created through in vitro fertilization that do not get implanted, never). Thus, on some reasonable readings of the amendment, certain forms of birth control, stem cell derivation and the destruction of embryos created through in vitro fertilization would seem impermissible, while on other equally reasonable readings they are not." -I. Glenn Cohen & Jonathan F. Will (Mississippi’s Ambiguous ‘Personhood’ Amendment)
        "...the amendment reaches so far beyond legal precedent and public opinion that even some abortion opponents — including the National Right to Life organization — are warning that it could harm efforts to overturn Roe. It's the legal equivalent of a poorly aimed grenade, one that could define as murder anything that results in the destruction of a fertilized egg or a zygote or an embryo."-Rogelio V. Solis (Editorial: Mississippi 'personhood' measure goes too far)
        "For all their sincerity and fervor, proponents of the personhood movement represent a small minority nationwide. In Gallup polls, support for a total abortion ban is almost exactly where it was in 1973 —at just over 20%, despite a rise in backing for limitations. Most people certainly don't want homicide charges brought against women who choose to have abortions or doctors who perform them." -Rogelio V. Solis (Editorial: Mississippi 'personhood' measure goes too far)
        "Many of us will vote against Initiative 26, believing it to exclude tragic conflicts in some life situations and to have unintended and unexplored consequences." -Reverend Hope Morgan Ward, Bishop of the Mississippi Conference of the United Methodist Church. (Thank you, Bishop Ward!)

If you're registered in Mississippi, please think carefully about the implications of your vote tomorrow.  Please, regardless of your political views, seriously consider voting no on this very destructive bill for the sake of women's lives, birth control, and fertility treatments.  History has shown that abortion wont stop on the basis of political decisions, but women's lives will be needlessly risked because of other people putting unnecessary barriers in front of competent health care.

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