Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Grey's Anatomy" didn't lie

Surgery is chock full of drama.  Unfortunately, it isn't the fun sexy drama, but rather the drama that comes with clashing strong personalities.  My day is filled with strong egos and quirky neurocies attempting to co-exist in a high tension environment. 

I love the procedures.  I find the breadth of pathology that we treat on general surgery to be fascinating. I'm even okay with the slow pace and meticulous nature of the day to day.  However, the surgeon's personality?  After only 9 days, I'm already ready to shove a scalpel into my own eye.  The god complex is painful on a whole other level.  Plus, I'm finding that the answer to everything is always "cut it out" which doesn't fit neatly into my idea of being a comprehensive [primary care minded/preventive medicine based] medical provider. 

44 more days to go...

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