Sunday, October 17, 2010

Checking things off the bucket list...

I can now check "selling myself" off of my bucket list. Maybe, if being generous, I can also check off "sex work"... but that would be pushing it.

Last night was the annual date auction fundraiser; a night that involves medical students and professors selling themselves in order to send a small group of students on a humanitarian medical mission. Turns out that I'm worth $80! Well, me and one of my friends (a fellow 2nd year med student) are worth that much. We got sold as a package deal: one-on-one sex ed from me and home backed cookies from her. Not too bad considering that most everyone went for between $40 and $100, though there were a few outliers going for $120 or so. I'm just REALLY relived that we sold at all as it would have been really embarrassing to stand up on stage and not be bid on.

In general, last night was not a night I will soon forget. The date auction was preceded by a madmen themed birthday party with good people and fun costumes. It isn't that common that I go to events with large amounts of drunk med students. It also isn't common that I get all femmed up to go out... and feel confident that I look hot. I always feel like it wont be my thing: too much alcohol and bad decision making, too late of a night out, too much photographic evidence to be posted on facebook, and too much drama that I would rather avoid. However, last night was actually fun. I was reminded that a lot of my classmates are genuinely good people and enjoyable to hang out with.

Plus there was a friend visiting one of the first years who also wears a pump. We totally geeked out on and flirted about the diabetes! We got into a pretty intense conversation about diabetes & drinking as well as about pump sites & body image issues. Both of which are conversations I will probably have with you, blog, in the future. Even tipsy, I can't escape my reality...

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