Monday, July 12, 2010

"so how are you going to save the world?"

A conversation I had with a friend today:Friend: so how are you going to save the world?me: through sexual and reproductive health, you?
Friend: probably the samecool
we can work together
me: sweet

Another friend who plans to save the world (through similar means) came to visit this weekend. She is not someone who I have known for very long, but has already made a significant difference in my life. We talked for hours about sexual health, medical education, our own values and beliefs, and our intentions to make a difference. We also brainstormed creating a future medical practice together: reaching out to all ages and all genders, to all people regardless of background and means, and making sure to especially focus on comprehensive primary care and meeting all sexual health needs. Her experience and wisdom challenges and inspires me.

I pray that friends like these stay present in my life. In quoting captain planet: "with our powers combine..." we really can save the world.

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