Monday, July 5, 2010

MUST read

Stop what you're doing. Go read This Common Secret by Susan Wicklund. Go do it NOW. After you are done, report back on your thoughts. Discuss it with your friends, sisters, mothers and grandmothers. I, for one, will be sending a copy to my mom and grandma. Include the males in your life into these discussions too.

For abortion to stay legal, safe, and accessible in this country, in our country, we NEED to be having these discussions. Only through dialogue can we overcome the taboo and fallacies associated with this very common (and relatively simple) medical procedure. Only then will we do away with the guilt, shame, and everything else negative associated... will we let women truly be free and healthy in their bodies (and will we increase the number of new doctors coming out willing to practice abortion, which is one of the biggest problems).

After all, 1 in 3 American women will have an abortion. Let us do our part to ensure that they are safe, accessible and non-stigmatized as they should be.

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