Friday, December 20, 2013

End of the road?

Yesterday may have been my last residency interview.  It was great, as a lot of them have been.  I've been fortunate in that I think I'd be happy at over half the programs I interviewed at.  Two I love, 2 I like a lot, some others I like, 1 I very much don't see myself at.  Unfortunately, with the amount of interviews I had, my chances of matching are around 90%.  Good, but not good enough. 

So now I wait.  Wait and hope that it wasn't my last interview.  Hoping that a few more programs, especially some of the 4 I think would be an excellent fit with interview days left, will have pity on me.  Hope that the people on the interview trail who keep saying they plan to cancel their January interviews due to already being burnt out do actually cancel.  Please, cancel already.  Let me go instead.  A little more confidence that I'll match will be an excellent holiday gift. 

And now I enjoy the holidays.  I rest after 16,000 miles of flying and thousands of dollars spent.  Rest after numerous baby presents knit on planes, books read, and work somewhat haphazardly done from afar.  Oh, and I work on the manuscript I was supposed to finish this past month.  

Happy holidays ya'll.

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Solitary Diner said...

Happy holidays and best of luck with the matching.