Friday, July 12, 2013

Halfway through

I'm 2 weeks into my first, of two, audition rotation.  It's both wonderful to be back doing full time patient care and also making me realize how much I forgot over the past year.  I couldn't even remember how to write a procedure note today!  Opps!

Mostly, it just feels like I am on a proprietorial first date.  Complete will all the nervousness, uncertainty, over-analyzing, and retelling of the "he said/ she said" to close confidants.  I just want the program to like me and ask me out on another date (or to match for residency)!

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Solitary Diner said...

As someone who has participated in the resident selection process for the past three years, my advice would be to not stress too much. At this stage, programs are looking for med students who are hard-working, passionate about the field, and play nicely in the sandbox. Everything else is teachable.

That being said, I was a basket case throughout my fourth year up until the day that I matched to my program. So stressing out about it is also okay. :)