Thursday, July 25, 2013

A week in the life of a MS4, edition 1 (July - August)

Tomorrow: - Last day of this first away sub-i
                   - First residency interview (at the program I've been doing the sub-i at)

Weekend:   Pack up from where I've been living all year into my car

Early Next week: Drive 3000 miles in 3-4 days

6 days from now: Start next sub-I at a totally different program type of program, in a totally different State, in a city I've never really spent time in, with totally different expectations of me that I do not yet know.

Oh, and all the while, I need to be working on my ERAS application.  

And this my friends is med school.  As soon as you get comfortable in your current situation, you're shoved into something new & different that you're totally not prepared for.  The strange part?  I am so grateful for this life and love it all.  Bring it on!

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