Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kid, you are very right

Conversation that just happened between one of the attendings I'm working with this year, her 3 year old, and me as we were trying to put away supplies from the papaya workshop she did:

kid: "I want to play with them!"
to kid: "these tools are for doctors"
me: "maybe one day you'll have your own set"
attending: "[physician activist] is going to be a doctor one day soon"
kid: "Why?"
attending: "because she's very smart"
kid: "runs away laughing out loud..."

Yep, sometime I too want to run away laughing when I realize that I'm going to be a doctor.


EmFish said...

This is why preschoolers are awesome.
Note though that the rest of us over the age of 4 are not running away laughing.

Solitary Diner said...

Gotta love kids. What is a papya workshop?

physician activist in training said...

SD- Papaya workshops are a way to teach abortion. Here is an example: