Thursday, October 4, 2012

Voting for Big Bird

Last night's presidential debate was awful.  Romney was totally charismatic in an absolutely condescending way.  I couldn't decide if I wanted to hug him, or slap him.  I also kept imagining a thought bubble of loose associations over Obama's head.  I am not sure where he was but he clearly was not present at the podium. 

There were nonsensical sentences.  There were long run on thoughts that led in a circular manner towards nowhere. There were lies and empty promises followed by more lies.  The discussion was harder to follow than those of my floridly manic patients when I was on my psych clerkship!

There was one sentence in particular that sat very poorly with me though: "I would like to take the Medicaid dollars that go to states and say to a state, you're going to get what you got last year, plus inflation, plus 1 percent, and then you're going to manage your care for your poor in the way you think best."  Let us just quickly look at two case examples.  Alabama wants to take care of their poor by using medicaid as the sacrificial lamb for their budget issues.  Louisiana took care of their poor by cutting $329 million from their state healthcare, and by closing one of the state's 3 psych hospitals, likely adding more strain to the hospital and jail structure.   Two shinning examples of how one should take care of valued citizens.  I totally feel confident that allowing states to have sole decision making power on the nations healthcare will solve all our finical issues and improve the health of ever individual American... Not.

I'm voting for Big Bird.  I'm voting for ObamaCare.  While not perfect, it is a start.  I have to believe in something.

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