Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Surprising twist

In a surprising turn of events, all of my allergy skin testing yesterday was negative. I was negative for all 69 triggers that they tested. The doctor was baffled and I was [pleasantly] shocked. My clinical picture very much pointed towards allergies being the culprit for a lot of my generalized 'yuck'. That said, after some pulmonary function tests and a significant improvement post administration of albuterol, I was given the [equally] surprising diagnosis of "asthma / an asthma spectrum breathing issue" and a 1 months sample of asthma management drugs to see if there is any improvement.

The doctor also discussed emerging research supporting local IgE response in both the nasal tract and gastric mucosa- which would mean that one is actually allergic to something but that there is no way to easily test for it as there will be no response to skin or blood testing. Local IgE?! This challenges everything I learned in immunology... given immunology was the pre-clinical class I struggked most with.  However, reviewing some scholarly articles on the subject today proves him right, that this is an emerging belief in the allergy and immunology world. They have no way to test for these triggers and so I may never know if this is in fact what is going on with me. Maybe I actually am allergic to something(s) (which I suspect to include dust and mold) or maybe I'm just a paranoid hypochondriac? 

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