Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Right brain approach to healing

(image is a Mercedes-Benz add, taken from http://www.andrewkeir.com/right-brain-vs-left-brain/)

Science is often though of as a left brain thing.  Art is the right brain.  But what happens when you combined them?  What happens when a man with brain cancer begins to think outside the box?  What happens when the man has the ingenuity and skill set to crack code, redefine healing and cure, and appeal to a larger, global, audience?

You have Salvatore Iaconesi.  You have an OPEN SOURCE CURE.  In his poetically beautiful words, here is his plea:

"There are cures for the body, for spirit, for communication.
Grab the information about my disease, if you want, and give me a CURE: create a video, an artwork, a map, a text, a poem, a game, or try to find a solution for my health problem.
Artists, designers, hackers, scientists, doctors, photographers, videomakers, musicians, writers. Anyone can give me a CURE."

This is an absolutely beautiful reinvention of medicine.   This is the art I am proud to be learning, practicing, and bearing witness in the lives of all my patients (past, present, and future).   

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