Monday, February 27, 2012

Being an example

Today was consumed by neurology orientation.  I don't know how I used to sit through entire days of lectures for two whole years of med school (and all the years before that)!  But the endless day of lectures isn't the point. 

The point: don't volunteer to be an example.  The clerkship director asked for a volunteer to demonstrate a proper cranial nerve exam on.  No one was volunteering and so after what felt like hours, I finally raised my hand and took the seat front and center of all my peers.  In the process of doing a proper neuro exam on me she discovered that I likely have carpal tunnel syndrome to some extent or another.  Lovely.

I'm not surprised at all by her observation.  I've had off and on wrist pain for a long time thought it is usually when I've been over using them: knitting constantly, signing (ASL), and typing at odd angles such as when I worked as medical assistant.  Plus, she only found a defect in my left wrist (my non-dominant hand) and it was a really cursory haphazard exam. 

BUT carpal tunnel syndrome is one of my biggest fears as I prepare for a future in OB.  [Along with my fears of loosing my eye sight or limbs to years of chronic type I diabetes.]  So many older doctors I know have given up delivering babies or preforming intricate surgeries due to wrist problems.  Having a fear pointed out in front of a room full of classmates doesn't do much for one's self esteem.

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EmFish said...

But how did your CN exam go? Did you remember all of them and all of their branches? because that would be truly impressive.