Monday, October 17, 2011

PICU & peds neuro

My pediatric clerkship is quickly coming to an end, leaving me wondering if this is the specialty I'm destined for.  I've loved a lot of my experience so far.  While I have liked general out-patient peds, was surprisingly impressed by some of the other sub-specialties,  the PICU and neruo have been my favorite though.  It'll be interesting to see how my future evolves as I continue on into surgery, ob/gyn, neuro & family clerkships.  (OB being the clear front-runner when I started medical school.)

A recent NYT article on Dragon Parents was appropriately timed with my experience in the neuro clinic today.  "Conversations about which seizure medication is most effective or how to feed children who have trouble swallowing..." These parents are truly exceptional and have many things to teach the world.  Their hard-earned love, compassion, and understanding of daily blessings should serve as a lesson for all of us parents & future-parents.

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