Wednesday, October 26, 2011

First real day of surgery

-Lasted 10.5 hours.  Of which, the majority were spent on my feet and 6 hours were spent in actual surgeries.
-I scrubbed into my first actual surgery and took my proper medical student place as a professional retractor.
-Due to the circumstances of said surgery, I had a lovely vaso-vagal episode in which I had to ask the scrub nurse for a stool so I didn't pass out or vomit on the patient.
-When sitting didn't prove to be enough, I broke scrub and excused myself briefly to re-compose myself.  I ended up being fine.  The rest of the team was fine with it.  Yep.  It turns out that I'm THAT medical student.  The one who nearly passes out & vomits in my first scrubbed surgery.
-I called my lovely girlfriend on my way home to strike a deal.  She's not allowed to break up with me during my surgery rotation, as I am sure that I will be a miserable and neglectful partner for the next 2 months.  Her response: "I bet we wont even talk enough to break up.  I'll have to do it over text message."  I do love her!
-My feet hurt.  A lot.  Disappointed my in well loved, and very old, danskos.  Here is to hoping that my body adjusts.
-Career hypothesis to date: surgery is looking like a no go.  OB/GYN is falling below peds due to the surgery component.

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