Tuesday, November 2, 2010

election day 2010

I voted! Did you? If you didn't, why the hell not?! How can you rationalize silencing your own voice? I don't care if you're apathetic, too busy, confused as to who to vote for, etc... it is your damn civic duty! While one little vote doesn't seem like a lot, what would happen if EVERYONE decided that their vote was worthy enough to be cast? So get over yourself and step up to the challenge. Vote. VOTE! Vote as if your life depends on it. In fact, your life (or at least the way you live in this country) may in fact depend on it.

Nothing compares to election day 2008. I spent the day on a med school interview in the Northeast. The interview went well, and I was excited by the political buzz surrounding me on the very liberal campus. The interview ended, I changed out of my suit in the parking lot, and began the long drive home all the while listening to NPR. I drove through small town after small town, each sporting a very different set of political propaganda. Driving across New Hampshire I counted signs to see if I could discern which way the state would swing. I arrived home to a house full of people anxiously awaiting results to come in. We were having an election night party. My housemate directed me to the stack of mail, where I found my first acceptance waiting for me. Getting into med school was the first victory of the night. A night of many small victories communally experienced in my cozy community. My high was grounded the next morning with the announcement of prop 8, but for one night I really believed we had the power to conquer the world.

I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be happy with the results of this election. I'm not yet sure what exactly I'll be unhappy about, but it isn't looking so good. It is looking even worse from my vantage point way down South in conservative land. I miss my cozy and loving community. I wish I were with them tonight. Such is life. You win some, you loose some.

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