Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Greedy for interviews

Before I submitted my application, I found myself saying "I'll feel better when I have my first interview" to which a friend replied "Nope, you'll just keep wanting more".  She's right.  One interview invite, or two, or three, is nowhere near enough.   It is never enough.

A little over a month into the residency application process and I have far from enough interviews scheduled.  In fact, I have about half the interviews I need/ want.  I'm growing increasingly fearful that I wont get anymore invites or off any of the wait-lists.  Especially seeing as the last week has brought only rejections and I've never before had luck with getting off a wait-list.  With each passing day I grow ever more fearful and anxious.  I find myself worrying that these people reading my application, who don't know me as anything other than a pile of papers, will stand in the way of the future I want.  I wish there was a way to show them what kind of kick ass ob/gyn I will become, if only they will give me a chance.  And to make them understand why I need to leave the South for training.

Maybe tomorrow will bring another invite or two?  Or an interview from one of the wait-lists I'm impatiently sitting on?  Please?

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Solitary Diner said...

Fingers crossed for you.