Wednesday, April 10, 2013

30 things before 30

I turn 29 very soon, very very soon.  Here is my bucket list of things I want to accomplish before I turn the big three-zero.  I'm posting it publicly to keep me accountable.  I imagine that a lot of these things will absolutely happen and some will not.  What fun would it be to have a completely obtainable list?  Here is to a year of adventure and personal growth!

1. Challenge myself physically (current plan is a 120 mile bike ride)
2. Learn a new sport or exercise
3. Have an a1c < 7.5
4. Learn to consistently use, and fully utilize, a CGM / my dexcom sensor
5. Loose the last 20 pounds to fully get to my goal weight

6. Have a manuscript published
7. Finish my MPH requirements
8. Get a job (match into residency)
9. Graduate medical school (should happen within a month of turning 30)

Community & family:
10. Send at least one real (snail mail) letter to a friend each month
11. Call my grandmother more
12. Reach out to my borther
13. Reach out to my cousins
14. Be more patient with my mom
15. Talk to my dad

16. Create a ritual for clinical practice around performing births & abortions
17. Say yes when asked to lead kiddish
18. Read from the Torah again
19. Davin in shul at least once a month
20. Wrap tfillin at least once a month
21. Join a chevra kadisha

22. Address my fear of heights
23. Travel to a new place, besides residency interviews
24. Renew my scuba certifcation
25. Go on at least 1 date every two months
26. Do at least 5 touristy things in the city I go to medical school in
27. Spend a night out dancing without caring that I can't dance
28. Learn embroidery 
29. Stop wearing clothes that I've had since high school
30. Relearn Spanish

And one for good luck:
31. Save the world 


EmFish said...

great list! looking forward to reading/hearing as you check items off!

Solitary Diner said...

Good luck with all of those goals, especially the dating one. If you figure out any good ways to avoid the bad dates, please, please let me know.

Poopalontatist, MSW said...

I don't think this is ambitious enough.... :-P