Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Technologically Adverse

Playing with the iPad I was given for hanukah is reminding me exactly how technologically adverse I really am.  Any advice of how to use an iPad to streamline my life and optimize the potential of it?!  Please advise liberally!


Larissa said...

I have a keyboard & cover for my ipad that makes it infinitely more useful. It is a Logitech keyboard and cost ~$100. It props the ipad up in a space at the top of the keyboard and typing with it is a breeze!

I also bought a word processing app called Pages. Totally worth it. I wrote all my AMCAS secondaries on the ipad and now I have them at my fingertips for interviews!

I think beyond that, what you need depends on what you use the ipad for. I have hulu & other videos for distraction, a couple of fun games for entertainment, email, internet and most of my music on my ipad. But I also have a notetaking app for recording lectures & taking notes and a flash card app for studying. Until this year (gap year), my ipad was nearly 100% a school related device and it had very little besides email & internet on it that were non-academic. Now that I have a little more free time, my ipad is a source of distraction & entertainment as well as productivity.

Richard Samuels said...

As a researcher and student, you need to check out the free Evernote app. It lets you type in notes or photograph them from paper, then tag them, organize them by project, attach photos and files, and quickly search for anything. You can install it on your iPad and on your home and work computers, and the notes will automatically sync between the devices - so you always have your notes with you.