Monday, June 20, 2011

Beginning of the end

Today marked the beginning of the end for my 2 newly admitted patients and for me. For them, it is the downward slope to the end of their life, presenting with acute decompensation of chronic illness. Comfort care is being established and loved ones are being integrated into the process. Today I had the blessing of spending some quality time with one of these families. The way they are embracing the inevitable is a truly holy spectacle. May we all have such bravery, wisdom, and strength at the end of a well lived life of our dear ones.

For me, it is the end of my medicine clerkship. Today we took the written departmental exam. Tomorrow we take an oral exam on the H&Ps and clinical course of 10 of the patients we followed. Friday we take the medicine shelf exam. I can not believe that 8 weeks are over, and my first 3rd year clerkship is wrapping up! While I am relived to be done with in patient hospital medicine, I will very much miss the incredible teaching and mentoring that I have been privy to. It really is true what they say about medical school: as soon as you get comfortable with the day to day routine it is time to switch it up again.

Here is to hoping that I finish this block on a high note!